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SmartStops provides effective, easy-to-implement risk monitoring for investment professionals and individual investors to optimize profits and minimize losses. SmartStops offers a new breed of service that more easily and precisely monitors and controls investment risk. The SmartStops analytic engine incorporates sophisticated trading methodologies developed over 40 years of trading experience. Many of the SmartStops methodologies have been used by some of the world’s largest wealth funds for decades. We help protect our clients’ stock investments with exit oriented solutions – where most investors are underserved by current solutions. Subscribers’ portfolios are actively monitored for indications of risk using sophisticated and proven analytic models.

Logic behind SmartStops

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  1. I have adopted an exit strategy based on the mid-point between SmartStop’s short and long stops. Has anyone else done this? It seems to take the edge off the decision quandry – that is, which stop to formally use in your orders.

    • Interesting approach. Another approach a friend of mine is following is to use the long term SmartStops when the market is generally positive and use the short term smartstops to provide quicker exits and more downside protection when the market is weak. Needless to say, he has been using short term stops for quite some time.

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