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Have you considered any of these stocks?

Investing in more established companies may be the way to go in 2014.

Investing in more established companies may be the way to go in 2014.

It may be a new year, but individual investors may want to consider adding stocks from a few more established companies to their portfolios. Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine recently asked its readers to weigh in on its list of Seven Stocks to Buy for Gains in 2014. The results are somewhat surprising as the top picks didn't include stocks from popular tech firms or any of the companies of the moment. 

Here are Kiplinger's readers' top picks for 2014: 

1. General Electric (GE)

Nearly one-third of the survey's respondents said that the electric company founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison would see large profits from a growing economy in the United States and abroad. According to the publication, GE investors "should benefit from dividend hikes, share buybacks and an above-average stock yield."

2. JPMorgan Chase (JPM)

Despite its involvement in controversies and being subject to a series of settlements with the government, JPMorgan is still considered by many in the financial world to be one of the best-run investment banks. Its stock price has fluctuated a bit, but it has had an overall stable valuation. 

3. Occidental Petroleum (OXY)

Unlike many of its better-known competitors, this oil-and-gas firm derives most of its energy from the United States and Canada rather than less-stable regions of the world. It also has a record of having a well-managed balance sheet with available cash for share buyback and dividends. 

Sticking to well-established companies may reduce some risk when investing in the stock market, but not all. With SmartStops' portfolio alerts, you can actively manage your investments and keep your money safe. 

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