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NASDAQ contributor names Met Life “most compelling stock” for April 3

NASDAQ highlighted MetLife as an equity investors may want to consider.

NASDAQ highlighted MetLife as an equity investors may want to consider.

On April 3, NASDAQ published a report naming the "most compelling stock" of the day for investors who are looking to evaluate new equities that could help improve the risk/reward prospects of their portfolio. The daily distinction was awarded to MetLife Inc., a provider of life insurance, car insurance, disability insurance and investment advisory services to consumers nationwide. 

Writing for the source, David Moenning, a chief investment strategist and full-time money manager, said the goal of the article was to help investors hit the bulls-eye by picking a stock with a good entry point and a strong technical set up. 

"Old resistance from January and February has become new support, and should MET be able to hold this price and cross above its short-term moving averages over the next few days, all signs would point to it making a run back up to recent highs," Moenning wrote in the piece. 

This lead the publication to name MetLife the most compelling stock at its price of $37.90 at the time of publication. However, investors should note that MetLife has fallen below the $30 mark as recently as last summer, and saw a steep decline in early 2009. 

These figures underscore the notion that investors always need to guard against potential loss by investing in risk management software that can allow them to make timely decisions based on historical data and recent trends, no matter how low the risk of an equity appears. 

At SmartStops, our risk alerts allow investors to do just that. By sending emails whenever an equity is showing elevated risk, our service empowers your decision making so you can decide to sell, hedge or hold your position as you see fit. Even better, our reentry alerts signal you when risk has returned to a normal state so that you can buy back in when conditions improve. 

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