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Black Swan , Taleb – reminding everyone – have a risk strategy from the start!

Remember – you can’t “predict”, which is why its important to maintain constant protection.  SmartStops is producing intelligent self-adjusting baseline numbers that are derived from careful analysis of the individual equity’s behavior.  And they further optimized based on macro conditions.  Thus providing you the capability to take a pro-active or re-active approach to managing your risk. 

 from an interview with the infamous  Nassim Taleb of Black Swan –

Taleb: That’s true. But I’ve been trying to emphasize the true message of the black swan, which is that there are some environments in which rare events are simply not predictable.

Most people think that they can predict the black swan, that with quantitative sophistication they can get answers. They don’t get the idea that because we can’t predict black swans, then we need to restructure institutions and rethink strategies to be more robust in the face of uncertainty.

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