Is It Too Late to Buy Gold?

By Raghav Gullapani, Contributing Writer


This is a question that everyone asks me as soon as they find out I’m a trader.  Of course the question comes in many forms…

Have I missed the move?

Is it too expensive now?

In fact even my Mother asked me that question just this past weekend. And my Mother-in law asks, should we sell?

My answer to all those people is the same. 

Gold and Silver have had a remarkable run.  I invest and trade in both commodities through their respective ETFs (GLD, SLV) and the companies that mine them (ABX, GG, SLW).  Gold in my opinion is the better trade now for those investors like me who wish to clearly define their risk. And is still very much a BUY.

SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) has trended up strongly over the past year and I believe it will continue to do so.  It has been in a strong upward channel since August and is now trading strongly above the 55, 110 and 210 period moving averages.  Chairman Bernanke’s lack of desire to support the Dollar, should continue to push the Dollar lower and Gold higher.   Hence, my continued belief in the GLD investment.

Rather than outright selling, look at your profit targets to make your decision. Most important though, define for yourself now an intelligent exit strategy to keep those profits protected. shows the current tighter short term exit point at $147.73 and long term at $140.61. As it is optimized daily, SmartStops can bring real time risk awareness to a very fluid market environment.

(The author has NO personal positions in any of the ETFs and Stocks mentioned in the article)

as posted at Minyanville.

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