’s New Historical Performance Calculator Reveals The Shortcomings of Buy & Hold

Palo Alto, CA – September  2010 – (, announced the launch of the performance comparison calculator. The calculator analyzes the historical performance of equities comparing a buy and hold approach to one following a risk mitigation strategy.  In addition to total return, risk exposure and opportunity costs are also quantified and the results presented in simple visual diagrams. When the entire risk/reward equation is taken into account, the under performance of buy and hold becomes more apparent.

Factors analyzed and returned by the calculator include:

  • Total Return
  • Lowest Investment Value Over the Period
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Return Per Day In The Market And Exposed To Risk

“Investors typically make buying decisions based on the risk/reward analysis of a particular equity.  Unfortunately, the risk exposure does not remain constant over time”, explains Chuck LeBeau, Director of Analytics.  “Our goal at SmartStops is to make investors of all levels more aware of changes in their risk exposure, enabling them to make timely and informed decisions that protect assets and improve returns.”

Many buy and hold investors are asking themselves today, what if I had sidestepped the Toyota recall incident (TM) or the BP oil rig disaster (BP)?  How much would my investment performance have improved?  The SmartStops Risk Monitoring service detected abnormal trading patterns and issued risk alerts in the early stages of both of these events.  The performance comparison calculator shows the benefit of acting on these alerts and taking protective action to sidestep these periods of above normal risk. SmartStop risk alerts are published on over 4,000 equities and ETFs and the performance comparison calculator is accessible at

About is dedicated to helping investors of all levels be more aware of changes in their risk exposure enabling timely decisions that protect assets, improve returns and provide peace of mind. portfolio monitoring and risk alert services start at just $9.95 per month. For more information visit us at or contact us at

About SmartStops

We are a new service launched to the market in July of 2008. Our mission - to help ensure stock and etf investors stay protected in their positions at all times. see

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