Four Reasons Google Is Attractive

Despite the continued hype behind its competitor’s innovative products, and its withdrawal from China, Google (GOOG) may be worthy and for good reason.

The search engine giant’s emergence into the mobile device world through its Nexus One and Android software stack which includes an operating system has been a hit.  Recently, Google announced that 60,000 cell phones equipped with Android are shipping on a daily basis.  Additionally, advertising on the Android continues to increase.  According to advertising firm AdMob, U.S. ad impressions on Android devices have increased from 27% in November to 42% in February and worldwide ad impressions have increased by 2%.  What makes Google even more appealing on this front, is that it appears to be taking advertising share from Apple’s iPhone, which has seen declines of ad impressions from 55% to 44% during the same time frame.  Furthermore, Google’s mobile phone can be found on Verizon (VZ), Sprint (S), AT&T (T) and T-Mobile’s platforms.  

A second factor that is likely to support Google’s strength is its upgrade to its online package of word processing and spreadsheet programs, Google Docs.  The changes, which were introduced on Monday, include several editing tools for word processing and quicker ways to fill cells in spreadsheets, which will enable it to directly compete with Microsoft (MSFT) Office.  The beauty behind Google Docs is that all of its applications are hosted over the Internet, whereas Microsoft’s software is typically installed on individual’s computers or workspaces.

Another factor likely to bolster Google’s attractiveness is the recent talks about developing a tablet device based on its Android operating system software.  The New York Times recently reported that Google has been working with numerous hardware makers to construct the perfect tablet device to compete against Apple’s iPad and the Amazon (AMZN) kindle.

Lastly, from a fundamental perspective, Google is highly attractive.  The technology giant is trading at 18x forward earnings, a far cry from the average PE of 29 seen in 2008.  From an earnings yield perspective, Google’s forward earnings yield is 5.5%, an attractive yield.  To further bolster its appeal, the Mountain View California based firm has a hoard of cash on its balance sheet. 

A combination of the aforementioned enabled the stock to close at $572.73 on Monday.  Some other ways to play Google include the following:

  • First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index (FDN), which boasts Google as its top holding.  FDN closed at $27.51 on Monday.
  • iShares Dow Jones US Technology (IYW), which allocates nearly 7% of its assets to Google. IYW closed at $59.84 on Monday.

When investing in technology equities it is important to keep in mind the volatility and inherent risks involved.  To help mitigate these risks, the use of an exit strategy which identifies price points at which an upward trend could come to an end is important.

According to the latest data at, an upward trend in Google could come to an end at $553.44.  As for FDN and IYW, there price points are $26.38 and $57.69, respectively.  These price points change on a daily basis and are reflective of market conditions.  Updated data can be found at

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